I just need to vent.

People are annoying. They’re self-centered, rude, and just pure annoying. Horrible drivers, no manners to people they don’t know, and posts too damn personal shit on Facebook that I can’t stand. Sorry you chose to get pregnant at 15 and break up with your baby daddy. Not every one of your friends are going to care about that - therefore, don’t post it on Facebook. 

As for Houston drivers, lately *knocks on wood* I haven’t run into any horrible drivers…mostly just idiots who doesn’t look before they move, but nothing worse than that….so far. Tomorrow’s Friday so it may be a different story tomorrow.

Anyways, that’s my little rant. I mean I could go on and on, but it’ll be a long ass post that no one will care about because once again….I dislike posts that are too damn personal.

Unless it’s things like an engagement, wedding, bought your first house, etc….something exciting like that! I love engagements, proposals, new homes, and people being in love and stuff…because everyone deserves to be loved whether it’s by family or a significant other.

Okay I said I was done and I’m done.